Life in Fixed…What?

Why create a blog and what’s this whole Life In Fixed Gear about anyway. Firstly, I have always been interested in creating a blog, I had a conversation with a friend years ago that he was doing a blog, I was interested but never had a goal or a purpose at the time. Now years later reading fixed gear blogs doing research and subscribing to: ‘CycleToronto’, I realized there’s lots of people who like riding their fixed gear bikes to stay active. Secondly, blogging allows me to connect with people Worldwide who try sometimes to eat healthy, and love to travel the world. But moreover I think there’s a deeper purpose for me, when you say: ‘lifeinfixedgear’ of course there are some who may or may not be interested. But, to have a focus, to have a goal, to have a dream whatever it maybe that you want in your if it’s something that will bring a happy positive improvement then focus on it! Limit distractions, the naysayers and don’t look at your present condition as evidence for a future outcome, live life in a fixed gear, stay calm, stay focused, and try to see positive in life’s journey.

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