Kalief Browder

I just had to write a little blurb about a story of a young black man who took his life because of the broken down Police System. Has anyone heard of the story regarding Kalief Browder in the Bronx? I was watching Vice news one day and had another page open (I think I have ADD?), I’m watching something online with multiple pages open while on my phone, I know you can relate to this sometimes. But, once there was a Youtube commercial, I went over to the article I was reading and there was a term: ‘Browder under the system’, and didn’t know so did a quick Youtube search. I think gathering information is changing now, instead of  ‘Googling’ it we now resort to searching through Youtube. I guess that’s why Google bought Youtube? But did a search and was saddened at Browder’s story. An innocent young man who had his whole life ahead of him decided to commit suicide. Why? because of being in jail for three years over a crime he didn’t commit. Because the police suspected his bag was stolen and he was arrested. Now hold on…how can someone be arrested and thrown to jail like that? If there was nothing incriminating his bag, why did he go to jail? It doesn’t make sense. But the real reason was because three years later he had to go back to Court regarding his time served and it brought back memories: solitary confinement of a minor, police brutality, and gang fights. That devastates a young man no matter what colour, or background you have. I think the New York police and Rikers Island penitentiary need to do more to resolve these problems. Ask right questions, have better logical conversations with bystanders, and seek to serve and protect. Serve the people, the community, protect the people the community from harm or wrong doing that is clearly evident and without question. I too was riding my bike home and I came out of a trail and my back tire was flat. I noticed a Police cruiser at the intersection and the Police officer glanced over at me as I was walking across the same intersection with my bike. I went into the Canadian Tire to get an air pump and couldn’t find one and was greeting by a cop at the front door. She said that I fit the description of a young black male, slim build, and I chuckled at her while repeating her statement that I fit the profile of a black male who committed harassment in the area. The Police Officer smiled as well, I said, ‘that’s pretty much the whole black population’, between 19-35 years old, same description. It’s hard, I know what the Police Officer did was right she got out the car and approached me and asked some simple questions. To me there’s nothing wrong with respectfully being approached, but what is wrong is being penalized because you are fit the same description of almost every young black male: short hair, slim build, black and tall. What do you think? is there an alternative for Police Officers when questioning people and doing their jobs? Is this Racial profiling? What improvements to the Police system can be done for change to happen, especially in America? Leave your comments below…

kalief browder.jpg

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