How they do that?

I find myself always asking that question about people who went from: ‘Rags to Riches’. From Jim Carrey to J.K Rowland, and I ask the questions:What was their turning point?’,What was the successful moment to their success?’. I think I was watching YouTube and was given a suggested video on Jim Carrey. I knew the Canadian Comedian was poor, living out of his car before he became famous, but didn’t know while watching the Youtube video that he wrote a cheque to himself for $10,000,000 for acting services rendered. And when he did Dumb and Dumber he was awarded the money before the Thanksgiving date on his cheque. If you want to watch the YouTube video just Youtube search, Jim Carrey on Oprah, there’s a short 4 minute segment that get’s right to the point. But also what he said in some of his motivational messages really moved me and reinforced the real question that we need to ask. Jim Carrey said, ‘My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul.’ The question should not be to ask how’d they do that? But, How am I? Who am I? Why am I here? What do I want? I think for me we are boxed in Western society, to the thinking that we need to be rich to be happy, and start your own company. Societal views from the internet, and social media are the elements that seem to shape our opinions. But we need to unplug the laptop, cell phone, and television and look on the inside. 

  1. How am I? A question that people ask each other and you give an automatic answer, ‘Good!’ But, really how are you? How do you feel? happy? sad? nervous? anxious? and what steps to channel the emotions to a safe balance where your sane and not crazy. Recently, I’ve been nervous and discouraged lately, because I’m not rich and I’m getting married soon. I’ve waited long for this moment and can’t believe that the time is here. But, whenever the feelings of depression or discouragement settle in I do the following. My tip: turn off all electrical devices close your eyes and meditate, focus on breathing, to clear your thoughts 
  2. Why am I here? What do I want? It’s a hard question, but I think that for me it’s important to focus on your emotions more than anything, be the invisible observer watching yourself pass through this short life. Jim Carrey says that: ‘You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance at what you love.My tip: Create a vision board. I have a picture on my wall that shows my current state. And a future state: where I would like to be

So I will remain steadfast in my character not to seek out the secret equation, the formula, or the solution on what people did to become rich. Not look at people what they did to became rich and famous, but be happy, be proud, be of good character. Keep a balance with my character, not cocky, but confident, choosing to love over fear. Not focusing on money, because, I know this may sound cliche but money is not everything. If you’ve ever seen the movie Scarface, Tony Montana a Cuban who moves to Miami as a Refugee and becomes rich as a drug traffiker. The ‘restaurant scene’, where Tony’s asked the question: ‘Is this it? Is this what it it’s all about?’ Although Tony amassed his riches illegally, he was able to sit at the table with the small 1% of American Society. To have a special spot, reserved for him at a fancy private restaurant where many can’t attend or have to be on a waiting list to go. And yet Tony didn’t feel satisfied, he didn’t feel fulfilled, that it wasn’t what he expected. It’s as if you will never be completely happy with money, although money is necessary to provide for your lifestyle wherever you’re from, money should not be worshiped, or be obtained by the spilling of blood, crime, or taking civil liberties of people. So tell me your thoughts, what do you think? Is Jim Carrey convincing? I mean he made his fortune and now he’s this motivational speaker, can we fully trust the integrity of his words or seek the teachings of someone more spiritual like Buddha, or Gandhi?

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