Thornhill and Trails

So I usually start my cycling on the Finch-Hydro coridor, which is a long paved trail going east to west minutes from where I live. Riding along the trail, there’s soccer matches, rollerbladers, walkers, and joggers, evenings and weekends can be busy. I usually stop off and go to a coffee shop and work or continue onwards as far as a I can go. The cool thing about the trail is that it connects with Leslie trail so you can ride for a long time if you’re adventurous.

One day I decided to take a little detour, since I was feeling curious and ended up in another trail in Ponoma Park. I fell in love with Thonhill’s residential area for it’s peace and quietness and it’s one laned streets. You can see people taking good care of their lawn, and their driveways for that curbside appeal, which gave me a new found interest in the area. It’s interesting how a small community can have such a huge impact on your cycling experience. I mean, I realised that people focus on keeping their properties well maintained, without a competition or: ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, but the quietness of the area made me realize I need to get my pedal fixed, it’s making a: ‘clic clac’ noise intermittently. Does anybody know of any good Bike shops in North York? Please comment below… 

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