So I decided months ago to go to the Philippines, mainly because of the fact that I’m getting married! I’m real nervous and excited at the same time, such mixed emotions it’s crazy. Sometimes I’m happy, excited can’t believe it, I waited so long for this ocassion. And sometimes I’m nervous, don’t have much money don’t know if I should post-pone the wedding until a little later. But, I know that I made the right choice to be with my fiancee, because she’s a good girl, honest, and loyal. So, I don’t regret my decision, I don’t want to look back and feel bad about not going through with one of the biggest decision of my life. So, I’ll be going for two months and have to get a visa. I applied for one at the Philippine Consulate and I must say that if you intend on getting one make sure you comply with the following:

  • Minimum of $5,000 in your Bank Statements
  • Travel Itinerary, Passport (which they keep)
  • Photograph, which you can only get at special location always nearby
  • Cash only or money order, as they don’t take debit card
  • Pages one and two filled out as the Office needs to fill out information in Consulate section

If you call them the Consulate they’re too busy so they won’t be that helpful, if you email, they will guide you to their website. I must have been back and forth that day from the library, and the photograph office printing forms. I wasn’t going to complain, I have to remain positive keep a fixed attitude, a fixed mindset so that I can have a clear mind and not do something regrettable. I have been known to not be good with processing applications, I guess because I don’t like people asking so many questions. But I have decided to keep calm, the decisions we make will have a result on our lives in the now which will of course affect the future. The now, the present the most important time the most important moment. Time is valuable and it’s value can only be appreciated today. Whatever you go through, if you have to wait in line, or you have to fill out a long applicaiton form, take a moment to ask yourself how do you feel? and determine in your mind that your actions can cause a reaction, so be present.

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