I have been challenged I have been through ups and downs. More downs than ups, more problems I’m stuck, more questions and no luck, I can’t feel when I touch, emotions are inside, I don’t say much. My family is there, but don’t care, no job, no money saved for the kids I bear. Not always positive, happy and sad, I chose the narrow path. Success in life is success in strife, the feeling of pain from a sharp edged knife. Are present conditions, present reality? the future not real but just fantasy? Everything is gone from the exterior, to look at the interior, Become the observer, become the worshiper, become the invisible person Aware, conscious, the real science, kill any giant, and through it all, I will stay reliant.



The magician…The invisible you, the energy that is around you, the electrical impulse of thought energy, realizing that it’s a powerful force to cultivates you. Awaken then the magician, the intuition, invention, innovation, creation, emancipation of a nation. The life we live is an experimentation of how physical information can coincide with the spirit, when I walk, I can hear it, the river flows and doesn’t stop, I pivot, I see, my senses arise like a Phoenix from the ashes, no accident or crashes, no doubts or prayers of the masses. Just insight, a swift flight in the night, when I can’t take life anymore, the hunger for love holds on strong it soars. It seems like challenges after challenges, peaks and troughs, hands to the fire, sweat stains on my cloth. I keep the pain inside but the magician intervenes, like mr.clean, like visine, with a won, a pass the baton, friends are gone, problems are to come won’t always linger on. I build the bond, the magician it’s no superstition, but it’s inner intuition, I’m fishing, I’m wishing I finally found it, I’m living…


I want to be free, free from the shackles of routine, free from the shackles of being told what to do, what to say, when to say it. I’m a human, not a robot, give me the confort of making decisions, in a company where I know the mission, I know my position, I know which butt I should be kissing. To make the success I need, let me live, let me be free…

Is it just me that screams change? Our society has been made for debt to prevail, from school, to marriage, to home, to child, to car, there’s no letting loose, no warmth, no Canada Goose, just a black cloud with no hope to see tomorrow. If we collect our thoughts as a community, forgetting our colour, accept each other like their own brother. Share thoughts, share our lots, share problems that make us caught. We’ll find the key to free us all. I’m on this lone path, living with this simple thought, this simple vision, I want to be free, so my future children can see, can swim in the sea, can be at one with society.

New Life

A new life starts from within, a new life starts by a decision and then the change will begin. A new life, a new world is within the mind, the interior man, the action plan, can’t come true, if you are still you. If you control your thoughts, you control getting caught, control the onslaught, in a rat race, in a melting pot. Our names are consumers, only known for what we’ve bought. My tiredness, my frustration made me change my vision. I no longer see life in confines, working at night from twelve to nine. But where I take back time, take back my life, use the energy, the universe, the shrine. The quality of life the joy that it brings, to enjoy the journey to tag along and sing. Now welcome to the new life, the new earth, the new world, nothing that you have or don’t have matters, only peace, love and laughter.

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